About Freshly Milled Oils

“Freshly Milled Oils” story began with the aim to reintroduce to the world a 100% pure and natural cooking oils as they were made in ancient times.

Due to the recent pandemic, more people have become increasingly aware of the importance of boosting their immunity. While observing shoppers at a local supermarket, it became apparent that their carts were filled with healthy, organic fruits and vegetables, yet alongside these items, there was often a large bottle of refined oil. It seemed so ironical to purchase expensive organic produce only to cook with chemically treated oils.

While going through the oil section. it was evident that there were a few half healthy options available to the consumer.

This led to a period of reflection on the oils used by our ancestors and how they were made. After over two years of research and investment, we have successfully recreated the ancient machine, by adding a low-power motor to replace the manual labor and ox driven wood press

The result is the ‘WOOD COLD PRESS MACHINE’ which mimics the ancient method of oil production.

Today, we are able to extract oils from over 21 seeds and nuts, using a process that does not generate heat on the raw materials and is free of chemicals and preservatives. The result is a divinely pure, natural, flavorful and aromatic edible oil, as nature intended.

We firmly believe that individuals should have the option to choose natural foods and oils, rather than being overwhelmed by the abundance of refined oils on store shelves. The popularity of these refined oils should not be the sole justification for their dominating presence on the shelf.